Amberson Council Minutes 4.10.18

Amberson Towers Condominium Association

Council Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2018

Present:  Beth Shovin (president), Robert Kesicki (vice president), Ralf Brown (treasurer), Warren Wolowiec (member at large), Gerry LaVan (secretary)

Meyer Management:  Don Gross

  1. Call to order: Beth called the meeting to order at 8:15 pm
  2. Approval of minutes: Minutes were approved
  3. Property Manager’s Report: Don
  4. Elevator update. Council agreed that the earlier 7 pm meeting to discuss replacing the 3 elevators with unit  owners went well.  Suzanne Sieber, President of Elevator Management Services, did a good job in explaining the process.  Next step is for Beth to continue negotiating with the bank for the million dollar loan once all the appropriate documents are available for the bank to review.
  5. Annual Owners Meeting: Beth will be out of town so Gerry will act as spokesman with back up from Council.  Agenda items will include discussing 2017 accomplishments plus items to be addressed in 2018.  Don will provide Gerry with a list of both.  The terms of two Council members (Beth & Ralf) expire in May so there will be an election.  Don will send out another notice asking if any unit owners wish to be considered as candidates in the running.  On May 5th the day before the May 6th annual owners meeting, Gerry will hold an open-ended information forum in the party room at 7 pm to address some of the questions that usually arise at owners meeting (with never enough time to answer them).
  6. Lobby Planter: Council reviewed photos of the planter and selected a fountain which will be purchased and added to the planter.
  7. Non-carpeted floors: Council discussed having an engineering company  specializing in soundproofing evaluate the situation  of hardwood floor noise at Amberson Towers. The company would then write up soundproofing specifications that unit owners would be required to follow if they wished to install hardwood or tile floors in their units.  This issue will be addressed in more detail at the next meeting.
  8. Fire alarm and sprinkler test: Scheduled for Friday, April 13, 2018.
  9. Laundry Machines: Don will be contacting the company that installs and services the machines at Amberson to discuss price increase which Council was unaware of.

Maintenance Report:

  1. Chiller repairs and new filters: A broken chiller pipe has been repaired/replaced and Air Conditioning will be turned on this weekend.
  2. Whalen HVAC filter changes: HVAC filters in all units are in the process of being changed with a completion date by April 20th.
  3. Building Inspection floors 1-9: Don and Gary conducted the monthly building inspection floor by floor to insure everything is as it should be.

Focus Group Follow-up: Gerry

  1. Ideas to generate extra funds: One of the participants who attended the March 4th focus group sent Gerry an email with a list of suggestions that might help raise additional monies for upcoming and future repairs.  Council reviewed the list and a few of the ideas are being considered.

Resident Communications & website update: Gerry

  1. Website: Gerry suggested that since he does not know how to make some of the updates and changes to the website and since Brian Liu (who created the website) is too busy that we ask Ryan Tarr (weekend Security Guard who also happens to be a computer wiz-kid) if he’d consider doing some work on the website from time to time.  Council agreed and Gerry will discuss the issue with Ryan to find out if he is interested and what his hourly rate is.

Schedule next council meeting:

  1. Tentatively scheduled for May 22nd.