Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions About
Amberson Towers Condominiums is located at 5 Bayard Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  Office: (412) 697-0003.   Email:        Security Guard: (412) 682-8545

Who Do I Call
How do I inform the office of a problem in my unit or the building?
–Just contact the Amberson Towers office by phone, email or in person

When should I call an Amberson Security Guard?
–Only in an emergency and after business hours when the management office is closed. The Security Guards have a number of designated responsibilities while on duty and are not permitted to have lengthy telephone conversations. They are not maintenance staff nor are they authorized to make repairs in your units.

If I accidently lock myself out of my unit how can I get back in?
–During business hours the office will open your door for you if you have provided them with a copy of the key(s). It is essential that you provide management with the latest key(s) to your unit otherwise you are out of luck and need to call a locksmith. After business hours the Security Guard may need to contact someone from the maintenance staff to open your unit.

If I ever need to call 911 in a medical emergency how do I tell them to get into the building?
–Should you ever need to call 911, give them your name, unit number and address:  Amberson Towers located on Bayard St. across from Winchester Thurston School and tell them that the Security Guard at the garage entrance will let them in the building.

Keys to All Units
Why does the office require that I give them a copy of a key to all locks on my unit door and under what circumstances can maintenance staff enter my unit without my permission?
–Maintenance staff will only enter your unit without your permission if there is an emergency. Should for example, a water leak (or some other type of emergency) occur in your unit and you happen to be out of town then the maintenance staff will enter the unit to address the emergency.

Deliveries of All Types
Why can’t packages be delivered through the front lobby?
–The front lobby is NOT a loading zone. Packages of all types must be delivered through the garage entrance and checked in with the Security Guard in order to insure that they have actually been delivered.

What are the move-in-move out policies?
–Alert the office when you plan to move and the Security Guard to reserve an elevator for your use. Moving times are set between 9 am to 8 pm both during the week as well as weekends in order to minimize unnecessary disruptions.

I’m planning to sell, lease or rent my unit. Do I need to inform the office?
–Yes. The Amberson code of regulations stipulates that any owner who wishes to sell, lease or rent her/his unit must give Council 30 days written notice.

Am I permitted to rent my unit for daily or short term rentals as is the practice on sites such as Airbnb?
–No. To lease or rent for short-term lodging is strictly prohibited.

Staff Maintenance Repair
What can the maintenance staff repair in my condo and at what cost?
–The maintenance staff has a long list of on-going tasks in the building that it is responsible for. If you need something repaired in your condo the best thing to do is check in with the office. They will give you a cost estimate and will schedule a time for a staff member to do the repair work.

Unit Renovations
If I want to remodel my unit do I need permission?
–Yes. Before making any repairs, alterations, or additions to any unit including, but not limited to plumbing and electrical facilities, or changes to the floor covering of the unit, the Unit Owner must first submit and obtain the written approval of Council and where applicable, the approval of the City of Pittsburgh.
–Since the Amberson complex includes approximately 190 units there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to renovation. For example, in order to reduce the noise level for unit owners below or above you hardwood floors are NOT permitted to be installed. Check with the office for other restrictions.
–The contractor that you hire must be insured and approved by the office.
–Once approved, the contractor can receive a valid parking pass from the office
–Contractors entering the building with their equipment MUST use the garage entrance and check in with the Security Guard. Contractors are NOT permitted to enter through the front doors into the lobby with their equipment. Resident/Owners who violate this restriction will be fined $150. Remember, the lobby has security cameras and it is the responsibility of the resident to inform their contractors.

What are the parking restrictions for the 4 yellow guest spaces in the circle?
–During the day temporary parking is limited to 3 hours (any vehicle in violation will be towed at the owner’s expense).
–Guests and family members who intend to park longer in a guest space must inform the office and receive a valid guest parking pass which MUST be displayed on the guest’s dashboard with the appropriate unit number. Cars may NOT park in Blue or White spaces in the circle.

General Rules
How do I rent the guest room and the party room?
–Contact the office and check on availability. Especially during holiday periods both guest and party rooms are booked in advance.

Can I use a grill on the patio or on the roof deck?
–There is a gas grill on the first floor patio for resident use. Ask the Security Guard to turn on/off the gas. Charcoal is not permitted. It is prohibited to use a grill on the roof deck.
–If you accidently get locked out while on the first floor patio just use the buzzer and the Security Guard will come and let you back into the building

Can I store my bicycle in my unit?
–Most residents use the bike racks in the garage to store their bikes. If however, you have a very expensive model you may prefer to store it in your unit.

If someone leaves their laundry in the washer and has not returned for it, am I allowed to remove their laundry from the wash machine in order to use it?
–First look at the chalk board in the laundry room and see what unit # is listed as using the machine. Then knock on that resident’s door and mention that their laundry is done and you would like to use the machine.

Can I keep boots and shoes on a mat outside my door?
–No that is a violation of the fire regulation code of the city of Pittsburgh.

Am I allowed to ride skateboards or hoverboards in the building?
–No it is a safety hazard.

Is smoking permitted in the building?
–All smoking is prohibited. Smoking is not permitted in your unit.  Fines are set at $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offence, and $250 for a third and all subsequent offences.  All unpaid fines will be attached to and be assessed against the individual unit of the violator.  If you see someone smoking, mention to them that it is prohibited. If you feel uncomfortable doing that then report it to office management.

What is the pet policy for residents?   Pets are NOT permitted.  The fine is $250 a month until the pet is removed.  A $150 fine will also be imposed for each violation of a guest or resident bringing a pet into the building.