Council Highlights

Highlights of 11/27/17 Council meeting

  1. Resident communications and website and update.

As part of efforts to improve communications between residents, volunteer council members and Amberson management we are implementing two approaches.  1) Periodically sending email alerts and updates that are of concern to all who reside in the building.  We will be using a service called Constant Contact to send out the email alerts, 2) Create a website  which will include a variety of important information.  The website is up and running but still a work in progress.  We plan to add and update the following types of documents:

–Documents and policies

–Fire and Emergency drill information

–Highlights from Council meetings

–Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In preparation for the December 10th annual budget meeting with unit owners, Council members reviewed the status of the 2017 budget for Amberson Towers in order to make realistic projections for 2018. For example, in 2018 some capital improvements that need attention:

–Elevators updated – costs coming

–Garage floor repairs $15-$25,000 estimate

–Outside cement work $15-$25,000 estimate

–4 patios remove brick & resurface getting costs – $20,000

–2 Drain pipes in garage are cracked & need replaced

–Sprinkler heads may need to be replaced – TBD

In light of the necessary repairs that must be made, Council is discussing the need to increase unit owner monthly maintenance (8-10%) and add an additional assessment to address the costly elevator renovations.  This will be discussed at the December 10th budget meeting.

3 .  Summary of Monthly Maintenance Report:

–Hallway on 3P has been painted and new lights installed

–Heating Boilers are running after 3 relay switches were replaced

–Emergency generator breaker switch has been fixed

–Domestic water boiler – replaced ignitor module

–Window film installed for 1P windows