Amberson Council Meeting 3.12.18

Amberson Towers Condominium Association

Council Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2018

Present:  Beth Shovin (president), Robert Kesicki (vice president), Ralf Brown (treasurer), Warren Wolowiec (member at large), Gerry LaVan (secretary)

Meyer Management:  Don Gross, Gary Lobaugh

Call to order: Beth called the meeting to order at 6:35pm

Approval of minutes: Minutes were approved

Property Manager’s Report: 

  1. Discussed were the 4 elevator proposals from: 1) ICE, 2) Otis, 3) Lins, and 4) Eastern. The cost to replace the three  Amberson Towers elevators  is estimated in each proposal:

(1) ICE: $675,388,  (2) Otis: $737,089, (3) Lins: $744,704, (4) Eastern: $772,200

The work on each elevator would take about 12 weeks to complete (36 weeks in total) with a possible start date in August 2018.  Ralf indicated we would need to finance the project with a bank loan of $1 million.  The loan would cover elevators, new smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, and possibly boiler repair.  Beth will meet with the bank to discuss the financing.

A special owners meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30pm to discuss the elevator project.  Suzanne will be invited to discuss the “nuts and bolts” of the project (30 minutes max) and then Ralf and Beth will finish up with the financials.

Afterward there will be a follow-up meeting of Council members to discuss next steps.

  1. Annual Owners Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 6pm On Saturday, May 5th Gerry LaVan will moderate an open forum information session for owners who wish to catch up on some of the latest on-going activities at Amberson Towers.  It’s an attempt to give owners an opportunity to ask questions and get involved.
  2. Garage ceiling repair update: complete (cost $4,500)
  3. Rental Lottery: Lottery took place, unit owners wanting to rent will be notified by the office.
  4. Resident Roof top gardens: Don will send a note to unit residents instructing them to remove all plants and buckets from the roof by March 25th.  They can move the plants to the main patio on the 1st floor level if they wish to continue gardening (but NOT on the roof).

Maintenance Report:

  1. Gary mentioned the water leaks caused by the heavy rain. Patch work on the roof is complete. Gary will check to see if the “membrane seal” in the party room can be repaired and if not then replaced.  HVAC filters were also ordered.
  2. Trash Rooms: Don will send out a note which all residents will receive instructing them not to throw their broken personal belongings and or large boxes in the trash room but to take  them down to the trash area on level 2P.

Focus Group Report:

  1. Gerry reviewed the summary report and will meet with Don on Tuesday, March 13th to discuss implementing communications from the in report.

Treasurer’s Report: 

  1. Ralf will review the data and tax returns

Non carpet Flooring Samples:

  1. Floor samples were reviewed. Further discussion at next meeting.

Security Guards:  no report

Schedule next council meeting:  April 10th right after the elevator meeting.

Council Member Election in May

The terms of two Council members expire this May.

Who can run for these two positions in May’s election?

Owners only may run for election as long as the Owner deciding to run lived in the Amberson Towers for at least a year and has been an Owner for a year.

Council terms are for 3 years. The position you would serve on the Council board is decided by the five council members after the elections.

Council meets once a month in Meyers Management’s office to discuss the buildings current and long range issues. Requests from owners are also discussed.

If you are interested in running for a Council position, please see Don in the management office. All interested candidates must submit their information by APRIL 30th