Amberson Holiday News Letter 12/15/17

If you are leaving Amberson Towers for the holidays you should notify Patty in the office in case there is an emergency or to collect mail while you are gone.

Before you leave on holiday vacation remember to:

  • Make sure your windows are closed
  • Turn off lights and other electronic items
  • Turn you heat down to 64 degrees to save energy
  • Check to make sure your faucets are not dripping and that your toilet is not running.  If you do have a drip, notify the office and maintenance will repair your problem

Please remember our Building Employees when making up your holiday list.


From Amberson Towers Council and Meyers Management

Amberson Condo News 11/30/17

Amberson Towers Updates December 2017.


The office is collecting all resident emails in order to provide you with better communications. Please submit the email form that was sent out and return to the office. If you need a form, come to the office or go to and download a form.

Front Door Entrance

 Residents continue to allow their deliveries and contractors to bring large items and construction materials through the front lobby entrance. It is the responsibility of every Resident to inform their delivery services and contractors to enter through the garage.

Residents will receive a fine of $150 for letting their deliveries and contractors enter through the front doors

Trash Rooms

Please take all large cardboard boxes to the 2P level hallway and place by the trash room door. Do not leave boxes in the floor trash rooms.


A consultant has been hired and will be shared with Meyers Management to evaluate our elevators and to solicit bids for a monthly service maintenance contract. Bids for service and repairs should be received in January for a better idea of the costs to Amberson Towers.


Council is expanding our website. Please check website for information being added.


Residents and their guests cannot have pets in units or in the Amberson Towers. A $250 fine will be assessed each month to the unit for residents keeping a pet. A $150 fine will be imposed for each violation of a guest or resident bringing a pet into the building.

Guest Parking – 4 yellow lined spaces in the circle

Starting in January, residents will no longer receive a monthly parking pass for the 4 yellow circle spaces. Residents needing a parking pass for one of the yellow spaces must come to the office during the day or the security guard booth to receive a pass. Cars without passes will be towed without warning. Please inform your guests of this policy change so that their car is not towed.


The annual budget meeting for owners is Sunday, December 10 at 7:00pm. Sign in begins at 6:30 with floors 1-2-3-4-5, followed by floors 6-7-8-9 at 6:45. The 2018 budget which you should have already received will be discussed. If you cannot attend the budget meeting, please sign and return your proxy to the office or another owner attending the meeting. We need a quorum to have a valid meeting.


Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy Holiday Season!